101 sketches - Part 2

Making Of / 09 December 2020

Story beats gave us a great opportunity to ponder over serious questions, such as:

"How many dogs do we need to animate again?"

Yup. And we sign up to do just that!

..and the practice run began: we teamed up with Passion Animation Studios to create the pIlot animatic and a trailer!


101 sketches - Part 1

Making Of / 06 December 2020

Hi there,
Long time no see! I’m planning to change that :-)
I’m sitting on a lot of early sketches for 101 Dalmatian Street which you may find fun & interesting, so please, stick around, there will be multiple updates coming.
Here’s a little teaser - an ancient sketch from the Beginning Of Everything, when we were working together with ©Disney & gigglebugentertainment.com/

& as a bonus here's very recent clean-up I always wanted to do but never got around to actually do it... up until NOW:

Sharing is caring, so stay tuned for more!

Happy Hungarian Santa Day everyone!