The Last Shadows - Chapter 1 - Episode 2

General / 06 January 2021

The fearful little thing continues its hunt to fill the void inside: Episode 2 takes Will to dark and ominous places (open offices... crowds... horrible metro carriages...).

And the fearful little thing has quite a few ideas in its hand. Could Will resist the Ghastly Gawking, or fight the Army of Armpits?

Could any of us?

Please, take a look at the new episode, it's up on #webtoon.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

The Last Shadows - Chapter 1 - Episode 1

News / 01 January 2021

Have you ever thought about getting rid of your fears? Would be nice, no?
Have you ever thought about what you would do without them?
...have you ever thought about what THEY would do without us?

This story has been bouncing around in my head for almost as long as I'm aware of having brain chemistry - it started as an Erasmus project, turned into a diploma, went through countless alterations as a movie idea and just so I can pry it out of my brain and onto a medium. Thanks to WEBTOON

Would love to know your thoughts, so if you can, please leave me some comments.

101 sketches - Part 2

Making Of / 09 December 2020

Story beats gave us a great opportunity to ponder over serious questions, such as:

"How many dogs do we need to animate again?"

Yup. And we sign up to do just that!

..and the practice run began: we teamed up with Passion Animation Studios to create the pIlot animatic and a trailer!


101 sketches - Part 1

Making Of / 06 December 2020

Hi there,
Long time no see! I’m planning to change that :-)
I’m sitting on a lot of early sketches for 101 Dalmatian Street which you may find fun & interesting, so please, stick around, there will be multiple updates coming.
Here’s a little teaser - an ancient sketch from the Beginning Of Everything, when we were working together with ©Disney &

& as a bonus here's very recent clean-up I always wanted to do but never got around to actually do it... up until NOW:

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Happy Hungarian Santa Day everyone!