The Last Shadows

A long-long time ago I had a movie idea about Fear.
What would we do without fear?
More importantly: what would they do without us? For one thing, there would be a lot of lonely fears hiding in the shadows.

And then, as ideas often do, it ended up in the drawer. The years have passed, but I kept hearing its scratches, 'The Last Shadows' trying to crawl their way out. So not so long ago I decided to let them.
Now I'm releasing its chapters bit by bit every fortnight on WEBTOONCANVAS, and the first 3 chapters are already available!

Are you tempted to see more?
Please, follow this link to the website:
Would love to know what you think!

(If you're not familiar with Webtoons: you can read graphic novels for free, you could easily access it through their website, but I would recommend downloading their app for a better experience. It's totally worth the click - there are tons of great comics on Webtoon.)